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Reviews for Circle Chiropractic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Circle Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in health

Dr. Joseph Arme


  • My first time to see a chiropractor and it was a great experience. The explanations put me at ease and I was not nervous at all. I feel better!

    - Haley W.
  • I instantly felt relief from a 6 week old injury that I couldn’t shake through massage and exercise. I am 100% impressed with, and thankful for, Dr. Arme’s skills!

    - Lisa R.
  • What a wonderful experience I had with Dr. Arme’s team. They took the time to get my medical history, explain the care they provide and their methods of treatment. I was really happy with my visit and will return.

    - Keirstan U.
  • Wow! Beyond impressed. Thank you very much for your care, attention to detail, explanations every step of the way and wonderful adjustments. I’m feeling better all ready.

    - Lisa C.
  • Thrilled to find such an experienced doctor who I know can help me long term. He was very thorough and his staff was exceptional and you could tell they loved their jobs.

    - Laurie G.
  • Dr. Arme and staff were very kind and upbeat. I received a very good and comfortable adjustment (and I have many over the last 20 years).

    - Wendy C.
  • Very personable staff. Dr. Arme, Jan and Alex and Trish have great senses of humor and made me feel comfortable and welcome.

    - Arlene S.
  • I had been feeling sick with headaches and anxiety for 4 months and after my visit, I found out I had a pinched nerve. Within minutes I was fixed and I’ve felt wonderful ever since.

    - Alissa U.
  • Amazing first chiropractic experience! I feel a big difference and would definitely recommend Dr. Arme to anyone!

    - Sabrina B.
  • Great office and staff.

    - Robyn D.
  • Very impressed with Dr. Arme and his office staff!

    - Edith S.
  • Fantastic office all the way around.

    - Jennifer F.
  • Very impressed with the thoroughness of the examination. Looking forward to a positive association.

    - Lynette D.
  • Thank you for your sensitivity and professionalism.

    - Lauralee B.
  • Friendly and professional staff.

    - Judith M.
  • Great doctor and excellent staff.

    - James B.
  • I have total confidence in Dr. Arme and his staff and that I will find relief soon.

    - Sean O.
  • Dr. Arme was great! I had never had an adjustment before and he made me feel so at ease. He was kind enough to show me what it would feel like and what I would also hear as he worked.

    - Rebekah S.
  • One visit, and I already feel so much better. Thank you.

    - Ann N.
  • Thanks to you and your staff for ensuring that my first visit was a positive one.

    - Thomas D.

Enormous Relief

I have had a considerable amount chiropractic care in the last 35 years. I would rate Circle Chiropractic and Dr. Whittier tops on my list based on service, professionalism, efficiency, and effectiveness. Dr. Whittier accurately diagnosed my condition and addressed the troublesome areas in my body. I felt enormous relief after just one treatment. I look forward to working with him in the future and would recommend him highly.
-Karen T.

Excellent Service

I appreciate the honest diagnosis by Dr. Arme. I really enjoyed the back supports in the waiting room chairs to experience that product. I plan on purchasing one. I am also sending referrals to you. Excellent service! Thank you.
-Dedra C

Impressed With Care

This was my first experience as a patient with Chiropractic Care and I was a little skeptical, having come from 47 yrs of working mostly in university hospitals associated with Schools of Medicine BUT I was very impressed with the care & information I received as well as my outcomes thus far, already less pain and improved body alignment/posture.
-Karin W.

He is the BEST!

I am 71 years old and have received regular chiropractic care for almost 20 years. Many moves (and chiropractors) later I was lucky enough to find Dr. Whittier. He is the best! Hands down (no pun intended). His adjustments are gentle and very effective. I highly recommend him!
~Sharon K.

Great Experience

It was a great experience, it was my 1st time seeing a chiropractor. Joseph Arme came highly recommended and I too, will highly recommend him. Thank you.
~Shelley D.

My First Visit to a Chiropractor

It was my first visit to a chiropractor, I must admit I was a little nervous! Over the years I’d heard the odd rumor about head twisting and bone clicking etc., etc., I needn’t have worried! everything went very smoothly, helped I’m sure by the friendliness and professionalism of all the staff and of course Dr. Arme. Thank you. I will be back for my check and will definitely recommend Circle Chiropractic to all my friends and family.
~Lesley G.

I Had Instant Relief

I have heard such wonderful accolades of Dr. Arme and staff for years. My first visit, I had the feeling of meeting a friend. I had had sharp pain for several days and after the adjustment, I had instant relief, I could feel the release of energy tingling, which lasted for several hours, and the pain was gone. Wonderful! Thank you, Dr. Arme for your expertise and generosity.
~ Nicole L.

Excellent Experience

“Excellent experience from scheduling my appointment to treatment by Dr Arme. Very professional but friendly staff. My first visit ever to a chiropractor& my experience and treatment couldn’t have been better!”
~ Le Baron J.

I Could Stand Up Taller

“I was excited that my vision started to clear and I could stand up taller. My back actually relaxed enough that my lower back touched the mattress. I could feel things moving all night long. My jaw is more relaxed and my ear canal is opening up again. I’m looking forward to my next visit.”
~ Eileen H.

Best For The Patient

I appreciated the fact that Dr. Arme did not even try to manipulate me until he saw an MRI. He is not looking for the quick buck but sincerely looking to do what is best for the patient.
~Russell G.

Will Return

Professional well appointed facility with updated equipment; knowledgeable courteous staff. Traveled 1/2 hour for first appointment and will definitely return. Received accurate diagnosis here after 2 months of treatment elsewhere without results. Will return.
~Katherine B.

Professional, Friendly and Helpful

I am so grateful to have found someone to work with me to realign my body. I found the office to be professional, friendly, and helpful. Thank You all!
~Carol D.

Informed and Very Helpful

I really appreciated Dr. Arme taking the time to explain what was going on with my back, not only during the session, but also the educational experience of him showing me on the spinal model what was happening. I felt informed and very hopeful that my issues would be happily resolved.
~Ellen J.

Exceptional Treatment

Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. So very glad I came to your practice. The staff was so friendly and helpful. Your understanding of my problem was right on and the treatment exceptional. I am already feeling so much better. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.
~Sheri L-R.

Impressed With Attention Given

I was impressed with the attention given to my specific condition, the extensive notes taken, and the ongoing explanation of what was being done and why.
~Jim K.

Awesome Experience Overall

Dr. Arme was amazing! He was super knowledgeable, yet down to earth. His experience & skill allowed him to adjust me impeccably. I walked in for my first visit in excruciating pain and walked out feeling like a new person!
Great staff and an awesome experience overall!
~Allison M.

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