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Meet the Circle Chiropractic Team

Besides the soul-satisfying experience I get from helping people like you, one of the great things about Circle Chiropractic is our staff. I get to work every day beside two wonderful paraprofessionals. Please meet Alex, Jan, and Trish.”  Dr. Arme

Alex Scholz

“Having been a musical theatre major (and a performer in general), I learned early on that your body, like any other important instrument, requires a little ‘tuning’ every so often. I have been an active chiropractic patient since the age of 16, but only started my career in the field in 2010. I was previously employed by a large urology practice – a very fast-paced, hectic office that didn’t leave much room for establishing more personal relationships with our patients. As much as I enjoyed my time there, I was ready for a change of pace. I am so fortunate to have been granted this opportunity to work with a physician whose patients can’t praise him enough, inside or outside of the office. I am blessed to work with the dedicated team he has assembled. We pride ourselves in working as a well-oiled machine, ensuring that each patient receives the quality care and attention they deserve. In addition to assisting patients in our office, I also work to promote healing through the ancient art of Vedic Thai Yoga. Also known as “lazy man’s yoga”, this one-on-one fully assisted yoga practice helps clients to experience a balance of body and mind.”

Jan Friedman

“Having a medical background and social work degree, I was always interested in helping people with their stories. Because part of my story was living with a bad back for many years, developing a strong sense of compassion for those living with pain. In time, my personal and professional interests led me to accept a position in a chiropractic office in New Jersey where I worked for 5 years. When I relocated to Florida I was fortunate to become a part of Dr. Arme’s practice. Here, I am part of an amazing team. My compassion for people is nurtured by doing my best to provide services which improve and enhance the quality of life for our patients.”


  Helping me help you is one of the most dedicated professionals with which I’ve ever had the privilege of associating. Meet Allyson Meyer, LMT, our neuromuscular therapist.” Dr. Arme

Allyson Meyer, LMT

“I received my first massage when I moved to Florida in 1988. Walking out of that treatment room, there was no denying how renewed my body and mind felt. Curious and wanting to know more, I visited the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy and enrolled the following day. There are many modalities and options for a licensed therapist and I knew that chiropractic was where I wanted to integrate my practice. The two fields work so well together to assist the patient in achieving their wellness goals. I attribute my own career longevity, as well as maintaining my personal wellness goals, to receiving regular massages and adjustments. I’m so grateful to work in such a professionally trained office that provides a nurturing and healing environment.” CONTACT US TODAY »